Friday, January 13, 2012

Find a Veteran Grave

It's history! Sorta. I've never hosted a guest blogger here before, but when Evan e-mailed me to ask for feedback on a project he's working on, I was impressed that someone has decided to offer a service to the families and descendents of veterans. See what Evan has to say about his project, and offer him some kudos for being one of the few computer science interns in the world who actually achieved something worthwhile (I know I didn't...thanks, BAE Systems!). Also offer him a wutwut for his willingness to be associated with such a site as this one. A "couple of F-bombs" don't bother him, says he. He'll fit right in.

Here's Evan.

There are over 6 million veterans and family members of veterans buried across the United States. And when you want to pay your respects, it can be very hard to locate a veteran’s burial place. The department of Veterans Affairs keeps a massive database of burial sites of veterans and their beneficiaries, such as spouses and children. But this database is jumbled, messy and confusing. But a new online tool has cleaned up this data and made it searchable and easy to navigate. Now, anyone can easily find a veteran grave for free on

Users can search for a veteran by name, cemetery, date of birth, military rank and military branch. Once you have narrowed down your search, you can click on a veteran to see the detailed information regarding their burial. A map will help you locate the cemetery and the cemetery’s phone number will be displayed. If you are logged in to facebook, you can also leave a prayer or note to remember the veteran.

A similar online tool also powered by is the Medal of Honor Recipients database. Like the veteran grave locator, the Medal of Honor tool allows you to search for recipients based on war, rank and name.

This is a guest post written by Evan Thomas, a student at UC Santa Barbara that has partnered with FindTheData to help create these tools.  If you have any questions or comments about the grave locator, feel free to contact Evan at evan_thomas (@)


ALC said...

I wanted to let you know that I have actually used this site. Before Christmas, I sponsored a wreath to be placed at Camp Butler Cemetery for the holidays. I wanted to surprise my BFF and used this site to make sure I had all of his Dad's info right.

Thank you Snarky and Evan for sharing!

the Derpster said... is also indispensable for things like this. I found out which unit my great-great grandfather served in during the civil war because there was a photo of his tombstone.

I'll definitely pass your link along to my genealogy peeps. :)

brynnemacinnes said...

awesome site! I like how it updates as I type. Very useful, thanks for sharing!

Slightly_Rifted said...

Very cool! Thank you, Evan and everyone who worked on the project!

@Snarky: UC Santa Barbara=cool with a few F-bombs. Plus, you get a ton of traffic to your site, especially because of all the p0rn. ;D j/k

Kimberly said...

Haven't seen anything recent. I hope you and yours are busy having fun!! ~Kimberly