Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random shit

Now for some completely random news. 

The USS Enterprise fall festival happened today, and the sprogs had a blast. I'm stunned by how much money the FRG spends for fun shit. I'm bummed that so much of it is kid-centric (where the holy fuckerfuckles is stuff for the childfree and those who just want away from the sprogs for a few blissful hours?). And I'm curious about what the decommissioning is going to be like. Will they get Patrick Stewart here? Oh, sweet Poseidon, send us Wil Wheaton! If not, I'll take the seksiest bald dude that side of the pond, fer sure. Maybe we'd even get the Abrams-esque Enterprise peeps. Zachary Quinto? Mrow! I'd fornicate with that man's eyebrows. I don't exactly know how that would work, but by gods, I'd make it happen.

Something I learned today is that they do carrier cakes for special events. Carrier. Cakes. What the what?! YodaMan thinks I orta make some carrier cuppies just for shits and chortles. I told him I'd only do that if he promised to use his Enterprise pizza cutter on the next carrier cake, and then only if he'd say, "Pewpew! Pewpew!" as he approached the cake with the cutter. Because that would win the Navy. And also the next Trekker con.


Tiffany said...

I hate how kid-centric everything is. I don't have kids and it makes me all but completely in compatible with the vast majority of our FRG.

And if he does the thing with the cake...PLEASE, oh PLEASE. Get that on tape!

Jennifer said...

Stumbled across your blog, so you mention the Enterprise and when whoa...what?! Co-ink-i-dink! I definitely didn't even go to that fall festival, we had car issues. Anyway, I just wanted to post and leave you some love, because you are the first and only Enterprise wife I've run into that I have anything in common with whatsofreakingever. <3 Wil Wheaton. lol Shoot me an email sometime.