Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Milspouse Magazine Convo

We moseyed to Little Creek yesterday because husband didn't believe me when I said it takes half an hour to get there (I showed him, though!). Went into the exchange to get some a/c filters since the previous tenants apparently never once installed any (nor did the rental folks - nice!). As we stood in line, sprogs lobbied to get some gum. Husband and I recited "no" while looking at the magazines.

YodaMan ogled the Muscle and Fitness (homoerotic much?)(which is just a bonus in my mind)(for many reasons), which he is wont to do. I picked up the Military Spouse Magazine. I'm not usually so wont. I have two subscriptions: VegNews and Oxygen. I used to have a subscription to Muscle & Fitness Hers. I also get RT Book Reviews for the industry gouge I can glean from there...and also reading suggestions. My reading doesn't usually fall in the "women's sphere" of magazines. If I buy fashion magazines or Good Housekeeping or the like, it's because I'm about to do a collage for a new story and need models that might fit the different characters or scenes that might fit the setting in my book.

While Military Spouse appeals to a demographic, for sure, I'm not in it. Which bums me out. I'd love to have a fun magazine that has really meaty articles about issues related to the military life, written with the spouse, parents, and sprogs in mind. Kimba and I once had a short exchange about starting our own magazine, but lord. The work involved with that. And the time. Egads. I can just imagine.

Anyway! We're in line. We're ogling magazines. And husband mentions I should query MilSpouse with some article ideas. I laugh it off (I've already done that and got no response, probably because I was aiming at something meatier than the short and upbeat articles they tend to publish) and then say, "Oh! I should send in a query to do an advice column for them. Dear Snarky."

YodaMan's response was something along the lines of OMG or WTF or similar. But it prompted me to consider the idea. Not for MSM. They're way too uptown to put up with me. Rather, I thought it would be fun to do here.

So if you want some advice (though ask at your own risk because, well, have you read this blog?), send your Dear Snarky letter to snarky navy wife at gmail dot com, only without spaces and with the requisite @ and period.

And if you ever hear of a magazine that's up for a 1000 to 3000-word article about difficult milspouse-related topics, hollah!


L. said...

I've never even heard of this that a good thing?

No Model Lady said...

MSM makes me think of Stepford Wives. Or the military blog I encountered that wrote about such important milspouse issues as Bunco etiquette.

Amanda said...

You know, I'd love a military spouse magazine for us non kool aid drinkers. I just can't relate to 90% of what they print. I've glanced at the cover in the PX and that's about it.

Looking forward to your Dear Snarky column. I think the first installment should be how to navigate a conversation with the "pearl clutchers" without biting your tongue off.

Connie said...

I’m just passing through, but I had to stop and say Your blog is so refreshing!! I stopped reading military spouse blogs because they all were so sappy and pretentious. But it’s great to see a spouse with original thoughts.

Chacha said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! As a fellow VegNews loving milspouse, your blog is a beacon of light leading me right out of the stepford-ness of a first deployment!