Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan Evac...What?

Of course, y'all are aware that we have mil-folks in Japan, right? Bestselling author Alyssa Day (her pseudonym) is a milspouse who just moved to Japan and is now awaiting evacuation.

Her tweets have been fascinating.

What is our government doing to get our military families out of harm's way? I'm not sure. I can't tell, really. It's hard to say what's going on outside of an apparent clusterfuck.

I know our folks have their hands full. I know there are a LOT of people who need our help over there. I just don't understand why, if they have decided an evacuation is necessary, the government is failing to get our people CONUS right away.

When terrorists were threatening to kidnap a milspouse/milbrat in Bahrain for the purposes of an on-video beheading to be broadcast to the world, you're damned right they got all the non-essentials out of town post-motherfucking-haste. But I guess that would have been really bad press for our gub-ment at the time considering we were up Iraq's ass and in an Arab country....

What's up? Is it really an issue of not having enough hands to support all the efforts required in Japan right now? Is it a funding issue, now that we're talking about the brink of a government shutdown? Why are military families caught in the center of any of this, though?


Kim said...

From what I've heard from friend stationed there, they haven't issued a mandatory evac yet. At first they were told there would be one, but then they changed their minds, I guess? Now they're leaving it up to the individuals whether they want to leave or not. Mostly it's just a huge mess and no one knows what's going on.

KAE said...

One of my friends over there said that they chose to leave, but are they gone? Nope, her and her three children are there, patiently waiting for someone to tell them whats going on and when the can actually get the he** out of there. As they live day by day with random power outages and getting low on food, since they dont want to buy more because they *should* be leaving any time! The whole place is a hot mess!

Anchored Away said...

Oh, good! I had not heard that the mandatory evac was shifted to voluntary. So that's good, for what it's worth. I do hear, though, that the sailors are now evacuating, which means families are being left unevacuated and without their direct line to WTF is going on. :(

No matter what, it's a cluster fuck, and the holdup needs to be unfucked hard. If it's funding, Congress needs to shift some emergency money over to the military. If it's a person or a group of people, they ought to be pulled from their positions and sent to Adak where they won't be under foot.


Nancy said...

I was evacuated, it took a week to get out of there. It was always voluntary, at least for our base (NAF Atsugi). I can tell you it wasn't the base's fault for the delay- they were ready- we were ready. This sort of evacuation was totally unprecedented and those higher obviously were having problems making decisions on the when, what, and where. The state department/President/military should have decided how to proceed before telling us to pack our bags if we wanted to leave. Not everyone left and not all of the sailors were moved- only the airwing. It is still safe there and they can drink the water. It is a good thing that people left- we aren't there to use precious resources that the Japanese people need. Not to mention all of the sailors in the airwing that had to leave- they don't have to worry about their families. I just hope we get the "all clear" sooner than later, I miss Japan!