Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glory Be and Pass the Butter!

It seems the impossible has happened. When all looked lost in rankings and promotions that would guarantee an end to this current level of familial ridiculousness, we prevailed. Well, YodaMan prevailed. I sat sweetly at home in pearls and high heels preparing warm toddies and home-cooked dinners with sweetly smiling and freshly washed children ready to love on Daddy (but not too much) before we retire to our twin beds for a chaste night of wedded bliss.

Wow, where did that come from? /reer! fft fft.

Actually, I'm not sure I blogged much about this angst. Here's what happened: YodaMan was competing for ranking against one other guy, plus about ten or so more outside of their division. YodaMan... well, he's got that nickname for a reason. He's brilliant. He works hard, he's a team player, and he's always looking to what benefits the Navy, even when that decision is detrimental to him personally. And it's common knowledge that he rocks the casbah. So when his boss decided that the guy in his division, who can't do his own job with even a hint of competence and who turns on the schmarm to compensate, would get the higher ranking because of his 9 freakin' months of seniority over YodaMan (and in spite of his incompetence), life started looking a bit red-tinged and eye-twitchy.

But reason prevailed, apparently, since after much ado and high drama, YodaMan not only got the ranking over his incompetent co-worker, he got the number one position in the ranking of those ten or so guys. No surprise here, rather some intense gratitude that the Admiral and staff did the right thing. It's pretty uncommon for me to feel grateful to anyone in a chain of command because of the nature of the Navy beast and the decisions they're often called to make, so next time I see any of them, the impossible might occur... I might prostrate myself before them. Egads!

I don't know what this means for the long term. YodaMan talks to his detailer tomorrow to figure out what comes next. I'm hoping we stay stateside so I can work on my degree at Seton Hill without having to make an international flight for each residency.

Plans for today: clean up first twenty pages of my paranormal romance. I need to submit 5-10 of those for a residency critique session, and just yesterday I won a critique of 20 pages from a fellow RWA member in my chapter's literacy fundraiser. Woot!

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